Raw and Obscure Vol.1


Finally! On Friday, the 28th of august 2020, we are proud to present – Raw and Obscure Vol.1, a full length cassette containing 20 songs from 20 artist + an exclusive 1″ pin. You can pre-order now – or just listen for free.


The cassette includes:

Side A

Wentworth Detention Centre – Black heroine
From the Best of cassette

SLO303 – Integrering
From the Arbesförnedringen cassette

Cumdumpster – Raw and obscure (with box-solo)

Kulturprofilen – Bonniers bödlar
From the Ett och ett halvt års kamp mot lögner, dumhet och feghet cassette

Väntrum – Momang

Fresh Weather Bomb Attack – Grigorij
From the S/t album

Sinatra Sick Boys – Air

Wretched – I´m swimming

System Crucifixion – Death breath

Ö – Orkney dub

Side B

Höstmörker – Erect thy throne upon a pile of christian skulls
The title song from the Huskvarna Black Metal legends never-released second demo

KÖSML – The hook up

Scyther – Shrieks of bloodlust
From the The sick curse of Scyther Demo

Offerstigen – Dark heart
Malmö´s finest contributes with a Broder Daniel cover!

TBWMIB – The man [Explicit]

Járnviðr – Vid skogens krona

Bar.t – Gamble

Ljudturist – Pelare

OBSTINAT – Under ytan så drunknar du

Homoerotic Plague – Tiny
From the Vol 1 CD


Coming up 2020

Raw and obscure #1, a 90 minutes compilation cassette will be our next release! Including Wentworth Detention Centre, SLO303, Homoerotic Plague, Höstmörker, Fresh Weather Bomb Attack, Sinatra Sick Boys, Ö, väntrum + more to come.